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Science and Career Curriculum

The last two weeks Greg Jr. and Carol went on a number of expeditions aka ‘field trips’ to explore biology, physics, and chemistry. They visited the Space and Science Center, the Provincial Mueseum, and the Valley Zoo.

Friday we sat downto talk about what he enjoyed the most and what was most memorable. As it turns out his real interest in in Mechanics, which we knew but wanted to expose him to other learning opportunities.

We discovered that he has a real interest in physics and chemistry. Our plan is to incorporate the physics and chemistry that take place in mechanics and internal combustion engines as a way to explore his interests in physics and chemistry.

This way he has a subject that interests him – mechanics – plus he is able to explore it from a physics and chemistry perspective as well. 🙂


Edmonton Home Schooling Is Government Controlled

Here in Edmonton we have three types of homeschooling:

  1. Online 100% Government Curriculum
  2. Blended Government Curriculum and Traditional Home School: the percentage varies based upon how many government curriculum ‘courses’ you use.
  3. Traditional Home Schooling: 100% your own curriculum.

We decided to go with option two since we are home schooling newbies. I was assured that there was lots of flexibility as to schedules, progress of work, and content. Think again.

I contacted my sons government employee/math ‘teacher’ to ask if he would make the entire years math curriculum available online – short answer – no. Based upon his ‘current teaching assignment’ he could not juggle a student that gets an entire years program finished in a month or two. 😦

So I guess we will be moving to a ‘traditional home schooling’ format and designing our own curriculum based upon my son’s interests and needs. So I guess my next decision is whether to use the Government Curriculum, buy a curriculum somewhere else, or create our own.