Science Activities and Field Trips

I am looking for ideas around science related activities and field trips.  Our goal is to explore all types of science biology, chemistry, and physics in an effort to identify my son’s areas of interest in science. Then we can narrow our teaching using interactive experiments etc.

Any ideas?


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  1. 1 Lisa October 2, 2006 at 4:31 am

    You can try a couple things. See if he can sit in on some classes to audit them at the local community college. See what sparks his interest.

    You could check out resources via the internet. For example

    You could check out DVD/videos from your library. Check out the Discovery channel. One of our daughter’s favorite shows is Popular Mechanics for Kids.

    For biology see if he could volunteer for a vet and learn about animal biology. He could check out the college and see if they have any experiments going on in the environment which he might be able to volunteer with and learn.

    You could check with your amusement park also. At a local one here they do teaching tours about the physics of the rides that they operate. You might need to put the tour out to other homeschoolers to fill a tour.

    You could check science supply sites. Get some basic experiments and see what peeks his curiosity… Chemistry kits can always be very fascinating…. For example, visit

    For biology you could encourage him to read The Double Helix by Watson. It is not very long but details the competition around the globe to be the first to discover DNA at a time when there was much political turmoil. It is the human side of science and is really interesting. It was my alltime favorite biology book.

    Check out museums. Enroll him in some of the programs they have. You may need to stand up for him to be able to participate in the adult classes if they catch his eye. Don’t be afraid. He has every right to be there if he wants. It looks like you have a great museum in Edmonton. Visit

    You could get a group of homeschoolers together to do an activity or just enroll him in some of the other ones. They have some cool looking robotic programs for 11 to 14. They also have a computer camp where they get to design and build their own computer game.

    Pick up some Popular Science magazines or Nature magazine, etc. Assign different articles and discuss the likes/dislikes.

    Check out the library. They usually have tons of resources. In our home I require our daughter to read one biography per every time she goes ot the library. You could have him investigate famouse scientists in biology, chemistry and physics. Sometimes finding out just how wacked out their personal lives were makes them more human…which makes the science more possible for them to consider.

    Visit places such as the Smithsonian online Sometimes scientific websites may have interviews,etc. that they can check out and learn from.

    Just remember nothing is fun just reading about it. Hands on activities will always make it more interesting. You may need to invest a little more financially to find out what those interests are. Check out your homeschool support group. Someone there might have resources you could borrow or additional ideas.

    Find out how he likes to learn. If it is visual, get a DVD. If it is hands on get some experiments. If it is auditory, get a book on audiotape or from audible. If it is reading, get some books and so on. Begin with how he likes to learn and then find those resources so he will focus on the science and not be distracted with trying to overcome a learning style that doesn’t fit him the best.

    And remember just having some interesting discussions can certainly spark interest. And as with anything our daughter does…be willing to learn to. You will be amazed what you will learn that you missed in tons of science classes. Now you have a reason to understand it and when you see his spark it will make you want to figure out what caused that spark and that interest is infectious. When he realized that you don’t know everything and that he could teach you something and your interested, its amazing how it will cause your child to want to learn more.

  2. 2 Lisa October 4, 2006 at 12:40 pm

    Came across this ad off for physics lessons. It looks pretty neat.

  3. 3 Angeleen September 13, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    The Telus World of Science has homeschool days and classes to sighn up for, for diferent grade levels once a month.

    I have a meetup site at
    search word ‘Edmonton Homeschool’

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