Bias of Friends

Yesterday my son came home saying that a friend of his friends Mom said that “Homeschoolers actually do not do better than kids who go to school. No offense.” she said.

Just because we choose to do something different does not give people the right to give their unsolicited opinion, critical opinion. I have a questions for them:

  • Have they even investigated home schooling?
  • What facts do they have to support their opinions?
  • Have you considered that there are many more ‘education’ outcomes than just the typical 3 R’s?
  • Are you aware that creativity, originality, and the arts are going to be highly valued than logical problem solving in the 21st century? (according to a former UK professor)
  • Did you know that some of the most successful people from the 20th century were home schooled? Check out this list of famous people who were homeschooled. Didn’t think so…

When you want to give your opinion about homeschooling why not ask us questions first? You might learn something about our decision, convictions, and agenda – who knows you might be able to form an opinion based actual information versus your personal bias. Enough said.


4 Responses to “Bias of Friends”

  1. 1 Lisa September 23, 2006 at 1:54 am

    As the parent of a homeschooler for over 8 years I find that often people who don’t want to investigate homeschooling are the ones that comment the quickest, without thinking. Whether a child does better as a homeschooler vs a public schooler is not the point. It is what is in the best interest of the child and family. The one point that can’t be argued is that homeschoolers definately have more opportunities because they have more flexible time. Learning can be done in an RV traveling cross country, on a plane to Paris, in your pajamas over a cup of hot chocolate or while watching the History channel. Learning can also be geared to the child’s interests and since homeschoolers can sleep in, if necessary, they are usually more awake and ready to learn. No offense to the public school parents that are closed minded.

  2. 2 Greg Balanko-Dickson September 23, 2006 at 2:10 am

    I have to admit that I was at first a little put off by the comments but as I thought about it I realized that they may not have the same information that I do.

  3. 3 Lisa September 23, 2006 at 12:46 pm

    They definately don’t have the same information as you and therein lies the learning opportunities for your child. Amazing things can be learned from discussions about:
    – What is a real friend?
    -How do you handle conflict? (and then give methods to handle potential conflict)
    -How do people make decisions, especially without full information? Why getting all the information is important?
    -How does it feel to stand up for a belief?
    -How not all people see eye to eye and how this is a normal human condition.
    -Why would the mom be confrontational? Does she feel uncomfortable with her decisions?

    and so on . There are many, many learning opportunities.

    Over time you realize that some people are just closed- minded and then you decide who to confront. We now don’t even flinch when a cashier says for the 100th time, “But do you get to see your friends?” On the other hand, if family makes an incorrect statement to our daughter, we have been known to invite them over for cofeee, explain what we do, how we support them even when we don’t agree with what they are doing and how we would appreciate the same. This has worked quite well in the past.

  4. 4 Greg Balanko-Dickson September 23, 2006 at 2:04 pm

    Thanks for your detailed reply. I guess what is surprising to me is that I am learning so much. You make excellent points.

    I knew that home schooling would provide many more teaching opportunities but I had no I idea to what degree or how I would be learning as much as I am. That is amazing and humbling…

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