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Science Activities and Field Trips

I am looking for ideas around science related activities and field trips.  Our goal is to explore all types of science biology, chemistry, and physics in an effort to identify my son’s areas of interest in science. Then we can narrow our teaching using interactive experiments etc.

Any ideas?


Bias of Friends

Yesterday my son came home saying that a friend of his friends Mom said that “Homeschoolers actually do not do better than kids who go to school. No offense.” she said.

Just because we choose to do something different does not give people the right to give their unsolicited opinion, critical opinion. I have a questions for them:

  • Have they even investigated home schooling?
  • What facts do they have to support their opinions?
  • Have you considered that there are many more ‘education’ outcomes than just the typical 3 R’s?
  • Are you aware that creativity, originality, and the arts are going to be highly valued than logical problem solving in the 21st century? (according to a former UK professor)
  • Did you know that some of the most successful people from the 20th century were home schooled? Check out this list of famous people who were homeschooled. Didn’t think so…

When you want to give your opinion about homeschooling why not ask us questions first? You might learn something about our decision, convictions, and agenda – who knows you might be able to form an opinion based actual information versus your personal bias. Enough said.

Truth, Lies, and Society

Quite the interesting experience taking my 13 year-old son out of school to home school. I can honestly say that I was not prepared for what happened today.

We discussed “What makes a lie, a lie?”

My son said he wanted to ‘get a job’ and said he needs to be 14. “But you are not 14.” I said. “So!” he states loudly. “Saying you are 14 when you are 13 is a lie. Plus working at your age is a priviledge.”

Well you would have thought I dropped a bomb based on his reaction.

“It’s just a little, white lie.” he explains. “Besides, it is a right. All my friends are 13 and they have said they are 14 and their parents let them do it. OMG I can’t believe you. You try and make everything a priviledge, I have a right to work.”

So I am thinking, “If they said to jump in the lake you would do that too?” But didn’t.

All along, I am trying my best not to bust out loud laughing but when he said “You can help me find a job and you can tell them I am 14. if yhey find out I will be the one to get fired not you. besides, then I would be spending my money and not yours.”

We went for a walk at lunch and along the way the topic came up again. We debated back and forth but the conversation eneded when I asked him to prove that he had the right to work as a minor and he issued the challenge back for me to prove that it is not a right.

So, here we are and this should make for an interesting teaching opportunity.

Makes me wonder what people are teaching their kids – oh, I forgot there are parents, teachers, and then home schoolers. Glad I